Saturday, January 22, 2011

Watch out for prepared foods at grocery stores

One of my favorite places to shop is Whole Foods.  It is expensive, but they sell a lot of foods that are high in flavor, but low in fat, low in sodium and high in fiber.

But there is a problem. Whole Foods has a prepared foods section featuring salad bars, a buffet and a deli that pre-makes dishes and sandwiches.  So what's the problem?

There is not a shred of nutrition information in sight. It's not on their website, it does not seem to be available at the store. Unless I am missing something.

This is a real problem. How can you eat something if you don't know what's in it?

Perhaps they don't want people to know what's in their food they make. Wake up, fellas....even McDonald's posts their nutrition information online.

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  1. Hey Bryan...I don't know if they still do this, but back a bizillion years ago I used to cook for WF and, then, the ingredients were printed on the little stickers on prepackaged deli items in tiny letters...for nutritional info. you used to be able to just go up to someone in the deli and ask...but, who knows, they may not do that any more...