Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yes, you CAN do it...

Whenever I am working out, or out walking, I often get "the look" from people.

Here's what the look says: "I wish I could do that."

The reality is you CAN do it.  I know getting on top of your health, watching your weight and getting some exercise seems impossible....it did to me for a lot of years.  But it's really not.

All you have to do is get started.  So give yourself a gift.  Starting tomorrow:

1.) Wake up early.

2.) Eat a really healthy breakfast.

3.) Pack your lunch.

4.) Promise yourself you'll get some kind of exercise tomorrow. It could be anything.  Take the stairs.  Park further away than you usually do.  Take a walk at lunch.

And then do it again and again...and again.  Why?  Because you're worth it.  To yourself. be good to your body.  You only get one.

Don't be like me....don't wait until you weigh 577 pounds and are laying on a table in the ER convinced you're going to die.