Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weighing in

I weighed in yesterday. The number: 407.  To date, I have been able to lose 170 pounds.

Some thoughts:

It's not coming off as fast as I'd like. Right now, I'm at an average of 2.5 pounds a week.  At that rate, I'm looking at it taking 2 more years to get to my goal of 200.  I guess that's not too big of a deal, but sooner would be nice, wouldn't it?

So, I have 2 choices:

1.) Eat less

2.) Exercise more.

I could always eat less, but I have to be cautious there. I don't want to upset the apple cart. There is the old saying that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

So I'll be amping up the exercise. I walked 4.2 miles yesterday and am going to keep doing that more often.

I really can't complain.  I have a much better life now and it's only going to get better.  I can buy clothes at the store.  I can fit in my car.  I can walk long distances.  I can tie my shoes.  I have so much more energy.  Life is good! 

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