Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Food designed to kill you

I have been reading "The End of Overeating," by David Kessler...and my friends, this is one good read.

The book spends the first 100 pages talking about the science behind why people overeat. And yes, it is a science. It is no accident that people overeat and the national waistline is expanding.  The book makes some interesting points:

1.) Food is engineered by restaurants and food companies to make you eat as much as possible. This is done through "loading" the food with as much sugar, fat and salt as possible.

2.) Food is now engineered to require less chewing, so you will eat faster.

3.) Sugar, fat and salt stimulate the reward system/pleasure center in your brain.

4.) People are stimulated to eat through certain cues, memories, triggers, etc.

I'm about halfway through the book...but it is fascinating and I believe every bit of it.  Now more than ever, I believe food addiction is real.


  1. You know there are only 3 basic tastes we, as humans enjoy. Things that taste salty, things that taste sweet, and things that taste fatty. So it's no surprise that those are the foods they are selling us. The main reason we overeat is due to starches! =O They wreak havoc on our blood sugar and insulin levels. Most people will agree it is difficult to feel that "overstuffed-I-ate-too-much" sick feeling from just eating a fatty cut of steak. Put a plate of pasta in their face and ask them the same question...