Sunday, May 22, 2011


This week's most ridiculous food item comes to us from.....Zaxby's.  It's the "Birthday Cake Milk Shake!"

So what's the problem?  This thing is 860 calories. By itself.  That is a whole meal.  What are people supposed to do with this?  Just have the milkshake for dinner? Instead of this, for the same 860 calories, you could have:

2 baked chicken breasts

2 servings of green beans

1 large baked potato with butter and sour cream

An orange

And I'm still not at 860 calories with that.  I think I'll pass on "drinking my birthday cake."


  1. Talk about a reality check, huh? Have you ever heard of "Hungry Girl"? She does some amazing things with stretching calories that still results in awesome food flavors & quantities!

  2. I will check that out, Hellen. Thanks!

  3. A meal of one chicken breast, one serving of green beans, the potato with the fixin's, and the orange would be quite enough for me (plus a beer). :)

  4. MacBozo...not bad! But a beer? Could it be a light beer at least?