Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lying and Stealing

Every time I see an ad or hear a commercial for some weight loss program, I come to the same conclusion:

It's a scam, they are lying and are stealing people's money.

The worst part? Not only are they ripping people off, but they're giving people false hope.  If you fall for a rip-off pill or fad diet, the following is 100% guaranteed to take place:

1.) The only weight you will lose will be in your purse or wallet when you spend money on that nonsense.

2.) Whatever weight you lose will immediately be gained back, plus more, making the entire effort not only futile, but counter-productive.

3.) Your health could potentially be put in danger by some of these diet pills, which are really supplements that are not FDA approved.

Over the years, I've been on the weight loss roller coaster and lost and gained hundred of pounds. The reality of the situation is there really is no easy answer.  Different things work for different people, but I think people need to find out what works for them.

Talk to your doctor.  See a registered dietitian.  Meet with a trainer.  Start out slow.  Get some exercise.  Don't expect quick results.

Doesn't sound very exciting, does it?

Everything anybody needs to lose weight is in their regular grocery store.  Sidewalks are free.  Start out slow and forget about quick results.

There are some good diets.  From what I can tell, Weight Watchers is pretty good, even though I've never done it.  The Dash diet is a good one if you have high blood pressure.

Just don't fall for the gimmicks.  Oh, and the weight loss patch only works if you put it over your mouth.

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