Thursday, November 3, 2011

On the concept of "Dying happy."

I have heard this many times before and I am sure you have too.  In fact, I am sure I have said it:

"I will just eat whatever I want and it makes me happy, so I will die happy."

That, my friends, is a lie.  You won't die happy.  This isn't Hollywood: "the big one" just doesn't painlessly take you out. Here's what really happens: you die a slow, miserable, death. 

You get diabetes.  You lose a limb.  You have a stroke.  You go blind. You're taking pill after pill after pill, constantly treating symptoms, but never the disease. 

Your last years on this Earth are spent in the health care system.  Constant doctor's visits.  Endless trips to the ER.  Non-stop medical attention and churning through the hospital. Mobility is restricted.  Quality of life suffers. 

All of that flashed before me when I was in the hospital last year and it lit a fire that burns inside me to this day.  I only had to lay in that bed for about 2 days before I realized that the food wasn't worth it.  It just isn't.  Every food commercial will try to make you think it is, but it isn't. 

If you have any weight to lose or if you just want to get back into shape and live a healthier life, don't wait.  Don't wait until you're on the table in the ER wondering if you're done for. 

Take action now.  Throw away the soda and start drinking water.  Stay out of the drive-thru.  Go to the grocery store and buy some food instead of going to a restaurant.  Make a healthy pizza with your family instead of ordering the garbage that gets delivered to your door. 

Nobody facing heart bypass surgery ever says "I sure am glad I had the fries."

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  1. You are absolutely correct about throwing away the sodas and the garbage delivery pizzas. Soda of any kind just packs on weight and water into about every cell of the body. I swore off sodas for years and lost weight. I drank only water and apple juice. These days I do indulge in an occasional soda, mainly for the purpose they were originally intended...digestive aid. Occasionally I need a little carbonation, otherwise I steer clear. And the funny thing is, a person will lose their taste for soda after a period of time. It is no longer refreshing, but actually rather harsh. And I don't care what they say about high fructose corn syrup...all I know is that my body does not process fluids well with that stuff in it.
    The garbage pizzas are just getting worse and worse from the fast food delivery places. Have you noticed the cooking methods? Running those pizzas through the 'easy bake, high heat air' ovens actually does not cook a pizza thoroughly. Just check the middle of the dough next time. It's raw dough. Dough does not digest well and will cause a person to gain pounds, as well as cause colon issues. Eliminating delivery was a big step in losing pounds. And an added bonus of course after flushing these toxins out of my system was that my acid reflux went away as well.