Monday, December 26, 2011

Before you buy that treadmill....

Happy New Year! Thanks to everyone that checked out my blog in 2011.  Somehow, this blog has managed to reach 7,896 page views.  That's pretty incredible to me considering this all started out as an online journal where I was talking to myself.

Also, thanks to everyone that has come up to me, including people I have never met before in my life, to tell me how my journey has inspired them.  I almost never know what to say, except "thank you."

Thanks also to everyone who has not offered me any food. I appreciate it.

Now on to the reason for this post (and for the title.)

A few people have advanced to me the idea that they are going to get into shape next year and they will do this by purchasing a treadmill.  The thinking goes that they will do this because:

1.) They can work out in the privacy of their own home.  They don't have to worry about other people in the gym staring at them and judging their appearance.

2.) It will "just be there" to use anytime they need it, so that means they'll work out more.

3.) They will save on a gym membership because they will own their own equipment.

What a great idea!  Well, except....allow me to inject a little reality into the treadmill-purchasing dreams of others with a new list:

1.) Your $500 treadmill (or $1,000...or whatever you spend) will make a great clothes-dryer.

2.) Because it is always available, you will never use it.  If you can do it anytime you want, that makes it ripe for procrastination.  Imagine if you had a homework assignment with no due date...would you ever do it?  Nope.

3.) Unless you drop multiple thousands of dollars, the home version treadmills are nothing like the ones at the gym.  They break easily and will need to be serviced.  So much for the savings.

The reason I always took off like a rocket at the beginning of the year, but then fizzled with my New Year's resolutions to lose weight was because there was no accountability.  There was no follow-through.  Like a lot of people, instead of starting off slowly, I would overdo it.  Then I would give up because I injured myself or thought I had to maintain a ridiculous training schedule of working out 20 times a week.

The whole reason for having a personal trainer is accountability.  The reason I make an appointment then actually follow through with it is because I know that person is there waiting for me to come to the gym.  If you don't have access to a personal trainer or can't afford one, find an accountability partner.  And make it somebody that will actually hold you accountable, somebody you know that already works out.

Also, slow down.  Slow way down.  Don't expect to go from doing no exercise to being an Olympic athlete in 2 days.  Try walking 3 times a week around your neighborhood for 15 or 30 minutes.  Then maybe incorporate 2 gym visits a week.

And save that treadmill cash for something treating yourself to a new wardrobe when you lose 30 pounds after following the advice above.

Happy New Year!


  1. I was going to take issue with something you said about treadmills, but then I looked at your awesome weight loss stats, and I realized that I'm not qualified to tell you anything.

    So I'm going to just keep my mouth shut.

    After I finish putting my last Oreo cookie in my mouth.

  2. No problem, Jim...feel free to take issue. But I'm going to need you to step away from the Oreo...LOL