Monday, January 30, 2012

The Greatest Scam In The History of Man

There are many rip-offs and deceptions in our society, but there is none greater than that which is perpetrated on the American people by the weight loss industry.

No other crooked enterprise even comes close.  The guys running the Nigerian money transfer scam can only dream of ripping people off on such a grand scale.  Used car salesmen look like fine, upstanding members of society compared to the weight loss companies.  But here's why it works.  Here's why the con is so perfect.

People are so desperate for a quick fix, they're so desperate for the easy way out, they are willing to believe anything.  And my friends when I say anything, I do mean anything.

You see the commercials.  You see a famous football player on TV telling you how much weight he lost and how great he feels.  You see the ripped muscle guy on TV using some stupid machine you can buy for 4 payments of $99.99 and you think...hey, that could be me!  (Only it won't be you, ever.)

But here is the 100% truth: none of it works.  None of it was ever going to work, all of it is guaranteed to fail 100% of the time.  Oh, you'll lose weight. Lots of people lose weight.  There will be success stories.  That's how they get into the ads.

But think about it, be honest with yourself.  Are you really going to order frozen dinners off the television and eat them the rest of your life?  No.

Are you really going to shake a weight in your hand every day and achieve dreams of muscle-bound glory?  No.

Are you really going to only eat meat for the rest of your life, swearing off carbohydrates forever?  Nope.

If you can't do it for the rest of your life, it isn't worth doing.  Losing a whole bunch of weight that you can't keep off is an enormous waste of time.  I know, I was there once.  I lost 240 pounds 13 years ago using an extreme diet and exercise plan I could not keep up and guess what?  I gained it all back, plus 137 more pounds.  It was a traumatic failure.

And here is what is all the more amazing: a diet is the only product where people blame themselves when it doesn't work.  Imagine buying a television, taking it home and having it die after a week.  You wouldn't say "Oh, I must've done something wrong.  I wasn't doing it right."  No, you would put it back in the box, march it back to the store and demand a refund.  Only when it comes to the diets and the weight loss rip-offs, people don't do that.  Incredible.

So, to recap:

1.) All diets are doomed to fail as a means of long-term weight loss.

2.) There is no magic pill, machine or special food that is going to make you lose weight.

3.) There is no such thing as a "fat burner."  You are the only possible fat burner yourself, when you move your body and exercise.

4.) The best diet plan is one that you create and customize yourself, using common sense.

Don't be ripped off, my friends.  Keep your money and spend it at the grocery store.


  1. Thanks for this post. Every single word is true!!

  2. Very true, I tried South Beach and it worked but the second I went off it all the weight came back. The only thing on TV to ever work is the "perfect push-up". They had it at a store I normally shop at and for $20 I figured why not, well it kicks your butt but it is a great workout for someone like me who doesn't want to go to a gym and prefers to workout at home.