Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Can't Tell You What To Eat

I get this question daily from friends, family, e-mails from readers of this blog, on Twitter and on Facebook.

"Tell me what to eat."

The only problem is, I can't.  I could write down and print out what I eat every day and give it to you, but how do I know if you like the foods I like?  I don't.

The "tell me what to eat" crowd operates from a faulty premise.  They want me to tell them what to eat because they believe in magic and think I have the secret.  I have the "Easy Button" and I am hiding it.  They mistakenly believe that my success up to this point has been easy.

It isn't easy.  It's the opposite of easy.  It's very, very hard.  But I'm doing it, so you can too.

But what I can do is give you a basic outline of what I believe everyone should be eating.  And not eating.

Looking at what I have been eating for the last 19 months, it falls into what I will call The 6 Food Groups:

1.) Fruits

2.) Vegetables

3.) Lean Meats

4.) Lowfat Dairy

5.) Whole Grains

6.) Water (spring water, flavored water, carbonated water, Crystal Light, etc. are just fine.)

When you think of it that way, you can look at a particular food item and see if it fits into one of those categories.  If it does, good.  If it doesn't, don't eat it. 

Here is a nice list of the garbage you should avoid:

-Fast food
-Restaurant food in general, which is of poor quality and usually very unhealthy
-Vending machine food
-Sodas, diet or not, it's all poison
-Overly processed food. Note: I said "overly" processed food. Everything is processed to some degree. 
-Junk food

Are you going to burst into flames and drop dead if you eat something from the "bad" list?  No. Can you stay on the wagon while still giving into temptation in moderation?  Maybe, but I can't.

So there you have it. I've told you what to eat. Sort of.


  1. You really don't have magic? Dang.

  2. I'm afraid not, Jim! I wish I did, though.

  3. You are a better man than I, I broke down and went out to eat Saturday with friends and had bad food :-( but I was good the rest of the week.