Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bryan Ganey on ABC News 4

Tuesday, February 21, during the 6pm news on ABC News 4, a story about me will air. I spent the afternoon with the fantastic Victoria Hansen and her photojournalist Dave MacQueen 2 weeks ago. I had a great time and I appreciate them helping to get my message out.

I don't seek publicity for myself, rather I do this because I feel like I have an obligation to get my story out for the sole purpose of helping others.  People must know that all they need to change their lives is within them.  They can stop falling for the lies of the weight loss industry and take control.

Here is a quick YouTube video of the :30 promo that has been running for the story. Sorry for the quality, it was recorded with an iPhone.

I will link to the story when it is posted online for my friends not in the Charleston market.


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  1. I read your story on's fitbie. What an inspiration! Congratulations on all your success!!!