Friday, February 17, 2012

My 600-lb Life: Henry's Story

I watched My 600-lb Life on TLC this week and watched Henry's story.

Henry weighed 750 pounds at age 47 and chose to have gastric bypass weight loss surgery.

Like I've said before I don't agree with the surgery.  I think if you can walk, you don't need it.  But I'm not going to judge anyone.  Just because I would never do it doesn't mean somebody else shouldn't. 

And I take nothing away from Henry's success, and boy was there success.

Henry lost 500 pounds and has kept it off for the whole 7-year length that the program covered. Good for him!  He has his life back.

When I saw him walking in the gym as his only exercise in the beginning, that took me back.  My first exercises were pushing a grocery cart, walking and sitting down and standing up.

A few observations about the program:

1.)  It's clear from the start that Henry's Mom was enabling him...bad.  Environment is so key to turning a destructive lifestyle around.  If you have a 750-pound family member living with you, why on Earth is there junk food in the house?  Unbelievable.

2.) The scene where Henry's family is eating fast food garbage in front of him was absolutely unconscionable.  These people have no idea the damage and setbacks they are causing Henry by doing this. They should be supportive....keeping healthy food in the house and joining Henry in his lifestyle change.

3.) Weight loss surgery and excess skin removal is really medieval medicine.  When they removed Henry's excess skin, they chopped off 41 pounds of skin from his body.  During his second surgery, Henry died on the table.  Luckily, they brought him back.

On this show, Henry had a fantastic outcome and thanks to his hard work, has had great success.  Could he have done every bit of it without having that idiotic surgery?

Sure.  But would he have?  Maybe not.  So in this case, good for him.


  1. at the end of the episode I just watched it was dedicated to him and said he passed away in 2013. Do you know what happened?

  2. I was told he had a heart attack driving and killed a woman and he died like 2 days later.

    1. That's not true. Yes, Henry was driving his shuttle bus, when he had a 'medical problem' & the shuttle struck the woman, killing her & injuring 11 on the bus. But, Henry survived. The shuttle bus incident happened in 2012 & Henry didn't pass away until May 2013.

  3. ok then how did he die?

  4. How did he die? I just saw the show.

  5. can someone with the show maybe tell us how henry died? That would've been nice to know how he died for those of us that watched his journey!

  6. They say he had other medical issues which resulted in his death. Google

  7. This was a google search. The show ended, I almost cried when he and his new wife were all set to start their new life.. then, "In memory of..", horrible! After all that! Too sad. But the show could have at least informed everyone who watched his journey how he left. So, I "google", and this is it. Here. This page.