Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weight Watchers Controversy

Apparently Weight Watchers has made a change in their famous points program, assigning zero points to fruits and vegetables.  This is done to encourage consumption of plant-based food.

This is fantastic!

Except....there is a problem.  It seems a lot of people have taken "zero points" to mean "zero calories."  For some, the change in the program is backfiring.

According to this blog post at the New York Times, some have stopped losing weight.  The new program is called "Points Plus."  A few observations, if I may.

1.) I think Weight Watchers is the only credible, mainstream weight loss program.  It's at least realistic.  I still maintain people could do better on their own, but if you need something to follow, this works.

2.) I know of only 2 things that have zero calories: mustard and water.  A large banana has 135 calories.  That is not exactly "Zero points."  You cannot escape the almighty truth: your caloric intake overwhelmingly determines how much you will weigh.

This is sort of the problem with a program designed by someone else. It might not exactly work for you.  This new Weight Watchers program might have fantastic results for some, disastrous results for others.

I know it would never work for me.  If you told me I could have as much fruit as I wanted, I would eat 20 bananas a day and would be overweight.

There is no free ride when it comes to calories.  That is, unless you can live on mustard and water.

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