Thursday, February 9, 2012

When You Struggle (And You Will)

As anyone who has decided to make a lifestyle change knows, there are going to be struggles.

Struggling can take many forms.  Suddenly, everything is harder than it used to be.  You've gotten out of your routine.  You've gotten lax on the food journaling and have quit keeping track.  You haven't been going to the gym.

Then the panic sets in.  Ridiculous thoughts race through your head: "Have all the old habits come back?  Am I going to gain all the weight back?  Am I not able to do it anymore?  Were all my critics right?  Am I doomed?"


As someone who has failed spectacularly in the past, I at least have a little authority on the subject and I use that experience to help myself.

The great thing about the human body is it is the most advanced machine on the face of the Earth.  No matter what has happened, no matter what you have or haven't done, you can always press the "reset" button.

You can always begin anew.  Because it's not about losing weight.  It's all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  And when it gets hard, and I promise it will, you don't need to panic.

You just need a plan.

If you're in the beginning stages of your journey, where everything is coming easy and you feel indestructible, put some thought into what you'll do when it gets hard.

I'll use my own example.

2012 has not been kind to me health-wise.  I have had strep throat, a sinus infection, a cold that won't go away and then another sinus infection.  I've missed quite a bit of work and quite a bit of my gym routine.

What this has done is upset the applecart.  My routine has been interrupted.  Some days all I feel like doing is eating.  The old demons start to come back.  But I know from experience that all I have to do is get through the day.  Tomorrow is a new day, a different day.  Everything will be different.

Nothing bad has happened.  I have continued to lose weight.  So now I am mixing it up, as my health improves.  I am buying some new music.  Hitting the gym again.  Starting a new running routine.  I have a 10K coming up in 7 weeks.  I just have engage my mind and get back on the horse, but in a different way.  Nothing is forever.  What has worked for the first 20 months of my journey might need to change.

As for the idea that you can fall off the wagon and somehow gain all the weight back, that is really nonsense and is physically impossible.  The 279 pounds I have lost, at 3,500 calories per pound, totals 976,500 calories.  That means I would have to eat almost 1 million calories in one sitting to gain all the weight back.

I think I'll go running instead.


  1. You rock, keep up the good work. Also are you running the 10K or walking it?

  2. Mostly running with I am sure some walking. I have 7 weeks to train.