Thursday, March 1, 2012

The "Blame Sugar" Craze

Recently, I saw actor Alec Baldwin being interviewed by David Letterman.  He was trim, fit...looking better than he had in years.

Letterman asked him what he had been doing and his response was that he quit eating sugar and that caused him to lose weight.

And that, my friends, is complete nonsense.

What causes someone to lose weight is they use more energy than they take in.  Simply put, Alec Baldwin lost weight because he consumed less calories.  If that came about because of the no sugar restriction he placed on himself, then fine.

But there is nothing wrong with sugar.

It's very popular to blame a single ingredient for our obesity, but that's classic misdirection.  For instance, we convince ourselves that "carbs are the problem" as a form of denial.  If we believe all we have to do is stop eating one certain ingredient, then that makes us feel better about overeating other foods.

I know, I've been there, I've done it.  I'm no better than anyone else.  I'm just pointing it out.

Like anything, sugar is bad in excess.  Just pouring sugar onto something is empty calories, calories better spent elsewhere.  Refined white sugar really has no nutritional value, so there are better choices.  Natural sugar contained in fruit is very healthy.  Not to mention all of the vitamins and minerals, plus the fiber.

But people take this to extremes.  I've had people tell me to avoid fruit.  Carbs of any kind.  Starches are bad!

This is Grade-A nonsense.  Sure, if you're diabetic, it is crucial that you count your carbs and regulate your sugar consumption.

I have lost almost 300 pounds in 2 years eating a steady diet of fruit, starches and carbs.

It's the calories, it's not the carbs and it's not the sugar.

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  1. That is pure BS, I have a teaspoon and a half of refined white sugar in my tea every morning and I've lost 30 pounds. You know what I blame for my weight gain, I blame myself, it's just that simple. The only one to blame for your weight is yourself because no one is forcing you to eat all the bad things you do. So people need to stop blaming food and take a look in the mirror.