Sunday, March 18, 2012

Telling It Like It Is: Lock Them Up and Throw Away The Key

It is not often that I see a product for sale and genuinely get upset.  Well here we go.

This is apparently the very latest in rip-off garbage from the scam artists in the weight loss industry.

No, your eyes do not deceive you.  This is a real product that promises the following:

"Just drink one Pounds Lost™ Weight Loss Shot each day and the natural key ingredient begins to fire up your body’s weight loss mechanism resulting in up to 19 pounds of weight loss and up to 3 ½ inches off your waist."

The nonsense continues:

"In a peer reviewed double blind clinical study, the people who took the key ingredient in the Pounds Lost™ Weight Loss Shot, lost an average of 19 pounds in 10 weeks. While participants waist sizes were reduced by an average of 3.5 inches."

Well, I have done my own study and here are my conclusions:

1.) This product is a total scam that will do nothing except rip you off.
2.) The people who create, market and sell this product are thieves that should be arrested. 
3.) There is a sucker born every day.
4.) Walmart, Kmart, CVS, Rite Aid, etc. should be ashamed of themselves for marketing this trash.
5.)  This product is guaranteed to not work 100% of the time.  

The weight loss industry is a criminal cartel.  These companies should be raided, shut down, their assets frozen and their executives handcuffed and marched off to prison.  If *any* other product were sold that didn't work almost 100% of the time, the public would not tolerate it.

Imagine if General Motors sold a car with a 95% failure rate.  The public would be outraged.  Yet, for some reason, it is accepted to rip off people desperate to lose weight .

DON'T fall for this nonsense.  None of it works.  And it's dangerous. Like most energy shots, it has caffeine in it.  People need more caffeine like they need a hole in their head.

Put these people out of business. They're liars, thieves and the scum of the Earth.  Don't be a moron and buy this garbage. 


  1. As someone on Mirena Birth Control who works out obsessively and eats rabbit food, I can say this works for me! I can't have a cheat day EVER. Haven't worked this hard to lose weight in my life. For me, this is a miracle! I lost 3lbs within 24 hours of using this product. Usually, I have a hard time losing 3lbs a WEEK.

    For anyone who would suggest I eat more...calories, protein...I COULD do that but thats how I got this way! That, and Mirena.

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