Sunday, March 11, 2012

Success Story: Erik

This blog has been going strong and is well into its second year.  While I would never claim to take credit for someone else's success, I will share their stories.  These are people that are basically utilizing the same approach I am: sustained weight loss through common sense.  They are doing it their own way, customizing their approach and getting it done.


I had to send you an email. I spent the last few days reading every one of your posts. You are, truly, an inspiration and a hero to myself. I stepped on the scale a month and a half ago and found out I broke 400 lbs. 417 to be exact. It scared me so much, I was an overeater, a smoker, and I ate no fruits or veggies.

I quit smoking first of all. After about 2 weeks of not smoking I decided it was time to turn my terrible eating habits into a healthy lifestyle. I looked online for blogs and sites that offered food logging and support. I've tried the diets (Nutrisystem, Alli, Atkins) so I knew those weren't for me. This is when I found your site and your story. It touched me. I realized that I didn't want to have to work at hard as you did. I didn't want to have to experience the hospital scare like you did. So I cleaned out my kitchen, went shopping, and started a new lifestyle.

I won't go into a long, drawn out email, but let me just say, I have lost nearly 20 lbs in my first 5 weeks. I am exercising more, though only a day or two a week to start out. And, as someone who is 25 and hasn't eaten a vegetable or fruit regularly since I lived at home, I now have a fruit smoothie for breakfast (no added sugar, of course! 100% fruit, protein, and seeds) and eat more vegetables than I ever have.

I'm not yet to the point of you, as I still eat restaurants, just in much smaller portions. And I still have to cut out a lot of sodium as I still eat more processed foods than I should, But I am getting there. I do owe a lot of it to you. Your story is so powerful. I share it when I can and refer people to your site.

Please, keep posting about your journey.

Hopefully someday I can reach your level of commitment and cut out processed foods and restaurants, but until then, I will keep logging, keep portions under control, and follow your blog every single day.

Thanks for all you do,


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