Saturday, March 24, 2012

Take Me Out To the Buffet

Full disclosure: I love Major League Baseball, I love Nolan Ryan and I love the Texas Rangers.  I also recognize that this is a (mostly) free country and people have the right to make and sell whatever food they want.  But that's about the only nice thing I'm going to say in this blog post. 

The Texas Rangers have decided to introduce a 2-foot-long hot dog at their stadium this year.  More info here.  Here's a picture:

I have 2 problems with this.  One, nobody needs this.  Where does it end?  How big will portions get before somebody says "stop?"  The news story linked above says this is meant to feed 3 or 4 people.  Right.  That isn't what is going to happen.  It only takes one person to buy it and one person to eat it.

Second, why is going to a baseball game suddenly turning into an eating contest?  Does everything we do as a society have to be about food?  You see this at the movies now, and that's why I can't go anymore.  I find myself surrounded by people shoveling in as much food as they possibly can.  It's not a movie anymore at that point, it's a buffet.

No wonder society is eating itself to death.  It's because of garbage like this.


  1. When I go to a baseball game I go to watch the game and team (The Rays) that I love but you are right some people just go to eat and it's crazy the things they sell. Give it another 10-20 years and Americans will be like the people in the movie Wal-e.

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  3. You could eat 2.6 inches per inning, in my calculation. I think that would count as 9 small meals throughout the game.

    Seriously though, that's insane. But never mind the people who eat it, what about the folks sitting nearby when the "eater" hurls it up on a hot Texas afternoon? I think they're asking for more trouble than just sudden heart attacks.