Saturday, April 7, 2012

Responding to the Haters

With all of the publicity I have been getting lately (AOL, Huffington Post, MSN, CNN, etc.) it was bound to happen. 

The haters have come out of the woodwork.  But I am prepared for these sad, miserable creatures and I expected it.  As a matter of fact, I'm surprised it took them so long. 

You know the type: the person that hides behind their anonymity and slings mud, the person whose own pathetic life is so miserable, the only way they can build themselves up in their mind is to tear somebody else down. 

That said, there are 2 main points these idiots make that I would like to respond to. 

Even at 285 pounds, you're still fat.

That is correct. I am still overweight. But what your feeble mind fails to realize is that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is all about just that - maintaining. It is more important to maintain the weight I have lost than it is to lose more.  That is the hardest thing for people to grasp: "losing weight" is not the goal.  Losing weight is a side effect of a healthy lifestyle.  Because the odds of gaining it back are so high, the focus must always be on holding the line. 

Besides, I'll lose the rest of the weight in the next year or so.  If a person reads my story and the only conclusion they draw is that I am still fat, then they have missed the point entirely. 

How could somebody let themselves get to almost 600 pounds?

This is my favorite.  Obviously the person writing these comments is perfect in every way, shape or form and has no vices.  They've never been addicted to anything.  If only we were as perfect as they were, we could be just like them. 

So to the people that keep making that point, I say get this through your empty head: you could weigh almost 600 pounds one day too.  Why?  Read on (if you've bothered to learn to read, that is.)

The overweight among us are a creation of American society.  We are a glimpse into the future: we are what the future of the human race will look like if something doesn't change.

Read it again: look at my "before picture." That could be you if you keep eating out of the drive-thru, ordering pizzas, eating out of the vending machines and paying absolutely no attention to what you're putting in your mouth.  The day is coming.  You get older.  You become less active.  Maybe you get a sedentary job.  More calories are being consumed than are being used.  Weight is gained. 

So judge not lest you be judged.  And one more thing: you might be thin, oh dear high and mighty news story commenter, but have you been to the doctor lately?  My *total* cholesterol is 95...what's yours?

Do you smoke?  I don't.  Do you drink alcohol?  I don't. What's your resting heart rate?  Mine's 40.  What's yours?

Could be time for a check-up. You never know. 


  1. Dont mind these idiots. You have done an incredible job and you are an inspiration to follow. Keep on doing the right thing!

  2. you think the person who commentet is not perfect :)
    p.s. nice weight loss diet plan!

  3. I'm sure these are the same type of people who bullied others when they were younger. Some people will never change and it's pointless to even acknowledge them.

  4. They are just jealous because they know you are doing something amazing and reaching your goals while they still live in their mom's basement and will never come close to reaching theirs because they are to busy giving you a hard time instead of living.

  5. You have accomplished more than those people I am sheer determination, will, and persistence. I can only assume they must be plain stupid or possibly anorexic.