Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Response To My Food Journal Post

It seems my post of my food journal from yesterday has caused quite a stir.  I got a lot of e-mails and text messages about it.  Here's a roundup of the questions, along with my answers:

How often do you grocery shop! With all the food you eat, you must go every day!

Nope. I shop once, maybe twice a week if I forget something.  You just have to plan.

I can't afford to eat like you do because eating healthy is expensive. 

No, it isn't, and here is why.  If you buy the healthy food INSTEAD OF the garbage from the vending machines, the restaurants, the drive-thrus, the pizza man and the other processed garbage, you will save money.

Healthy food is not expensive.  Most people spend hundreds of dollars per month eating out.

I could never eat that much! 

If you need to lose weight (and I still have some to lose,) you have to realize that high-calorie foods that have very little mass are not going to fill you up.  I try to focus on eating things that have a lot of volume for not many calories, so I stay full.

So, calorie-wise, it is very likely that you already eat more than me, a lot more than me.  It's just my food is not so calorie-dense.  Example: 2 Pop Tarts is 410 calories.  For that same 410 calories, I could eat a bowl of oatmeal, 2 cups of strawberries and a banana.

Which is going to fill you up more, be more nutritious and keep you satisfied longer?  I rest my case.

You eat all the time.

I do.  I believe you have to manage your hunger.  By the time the night comes, I have been eating all day.  I'm not starving at night, where I used to get into so much trouble.

Thanks for the feedback!  Feel free to e-mail me. 

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  1. First time visitor but I completely agree- the days I have been eating all day long, healthy things, I feel better and there's not a chance of binging at night. And I don't wake up ravenous in the morning.

    We don't buy any sort of snack foods or junk aside from the occasional pudding (we do go out or frozen yogurt about once a week) and I spent about $260 a month to feed two of us. Its tough sometimes, but its doable.