Friday, April 27, 2012

What I Think About "The Heart Attack Grill"

There is a restaurant in Las Vegas called "The Heart Attack Grill."  It makes news every time somebody eats there and winds up being hospitalized because the food is so unhealthy, people collapse.  Here's the latest news story. 

The waitresses are all dressed up as nurses, everybody over 350 pounds eats free, etc.

So what do I think?

Well, for starters, the people that own and run the restaurant can do whatever they want.  The people who choose to eat there can do whatever they want.  I'm not suggesting the place be shut down (although society would be better for it.)

Rather, the problem here is the people eating there are living a lie.  They believe their health is indestructible, they think it won't hurt them to eat there.  As I found out, you can't cheat the the reaper.  Eat at "The Heart Attack Grill" often enough, and he will come calling.

Nobody escapes death.  No one.  So since you know that eating an unhealthy diet will make you die sooner, why do it?

I would have been one of those people at that restaurant in their hospital gown enjoying their "Flatliner Fries" and their "Bypass Burger" until I almost checked out almost 2 years ago.

For some reason, when people eat out in restaurants, we completely lose our minds.  Temptation overrules everything, as the restauranteur pumps thousands of calories loaded with fat, sugar and salt into us.  Truth of the matter is, there are thousands of "Heart Attack Grills" all over the U.S.  We all know their names.

Cook your own food, people.  And live longer for it.

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  1. Great points Bryan! The fact that people are surprised when the stories about this place pop us is what shocks me.