Thursday, May 17, 2012

Are you better than the other 95%?

I've heard this statistic for years:  95% of the people who lose weight fail and gain it back.

Just hearing makes weight loss seem so impossible. Like you might as well not even try.  It's a very defeating thing to hear.

The medieval butchers (I mean weight loss surgeons) use this statistic to sell their procedure.  After all, you are doomed to 95% failure if you try it on your own.

Hang on just a minute, though.  Think about that 95% for a minute.

How does a 5% success rate actually look?

If you put 100 people in a room that have lost weight and there was a 95% failure, that means 5 people did it.

Taken one step further, that means that out of 1,000 people in a room...50 people did it.

Can you be one of the 5 or one of the 50?  Absolutely.  When you consider that most people will try a fad diet or a pill or some other gimmick...a 5% success rate is actually pretty good.

Don't be scared off by high rates of failure. Out of 100 people trying to lose weight, you can be one of the ones that actually does it. Especially if you do it right.


  1. the 95% are people who aren't doing anything more than trying a fad diet when they should be changing their lifestyle.

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