Thursday, May 3, 2012

Reinventing The Menu

For almost the past 2 years, I have eaten the same thing every night for dinner.  It's been a 3-meal rotation:

Spaghetti, Chicken or Fish.  That's it.  Over and over again. 

But, of late, I have found myself getting tired of it.  Not the taste, I don't really care much about that.  Food is fuel.  I don't eat for pleasure.  That went out of the window a long time ago.

Rather, I'm just not finding the meals as filling anymore.  So it's time to reinvent the menu.  What are the new additions?

I am always looking for something nutritious to prepare, that I know is going to be very filling. Which has led me to look at beans and also brown rice. The past few weeks I have tried pinto beans, black beans, kidney beans and great northern beans.  

The results have been good.  Beans are extremely filling.  A couple of servings of them and I feel like I've swallowed a huge rock. So I added kidney beans to my spaghetti.  Had black beans and rice for dinner one night. 

It is amazing how that works.  What once used to fill me up and really do it for longer does.  Time to mix things up!

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  1. something I like to make is a dish my wife got from a friend of her's. I get a pound of ground turkey and brown it and drain the fat, than I add two packs of frozen spinach and the spice adobo (just a little bit) and put it over rice and not only does it taste good but it's good for you and it the rice fills you up. Also, it's low in calories and it has everything you need in it.