Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Wrong Idea

I was thinking about this today.

A lot of people have the wrong idea (and so did I) that they are overweight solely because they eat too much.

This brings along with it the following baggage:

1.) Emotions of guilt and shame over eating

2.) Becoming overly conscious of what people think about your eating habits

3.) Feeling like you're being judged all the time

The truth is, you have to eat. Every last person on this Earth must eat food daily or you will eventually die.  I would argue the overweight person (myself included, 2 years ago) is overweight because they aren't eating enough food, aren't eating it at the right time and are eating the wrong things.

In other words, there's no plan.

And another thing.  Society is so cruel to overweight people.  We are not victims by any stretch, we do eat the food that makes us overweight.  But we are also vastly growing in numbers as a side effect of the American way of life.

So back to the title of this post: "the wrong idea."

I eat more now in volume than I did when I weighed 577 pounds.  But it is WHAT I am eating that makes my body weight so much different.  I am not "eating too much," I am eating the right amount.

One last point:  no one, no matter how successful they have or have not been at weight loss should stand in judgment of anyone else.  People ask me to do this all the time.  "Look at that person. They should do what you did."

We are all day to day. I am no better than anyone else.  I have lost large amounts of weight before (although not this much) and gained it all back.  Had I not almost died from multiple blood clots in my lungs 2 years ago, I would probably weigh 650 pounds by now.

You have to eat.  You should be eating quite a lot to nourish your body.  There is nothing wrong or bad about eating.  Food is life!

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  1. "side effect of the American way of life" is part of the reason but you have to put a lot of blame on the person especially nowadays because we all know that fast-food is bad for you and every where there are people telling us what food is bad and what is good but we just don't listen. It's like the teens I see smoking, they know it will kill them but they do it any way.