Wednesday, June 20, 2012

2 years ago: The Bucket List

When I was in the hospital 2 years ago with a lot of time to kill on my hands, I made a "Bucket List" of sorts.

I wrote down on a legal pad all of the things my extra weight was preventing me from doing.  As you can imagine, at 577 pounds my mobility was really suffering.  So here are some of the things I wanted to be able to do, that I couldn't at that time:

-Sit in any chair.  That's right, I would go to the doctor's office and I couldn't sit down.  Why?  All of the chairs had arms and they were too close together for me to sit in them.  I can now sit in any chair I want at any time.

-Fly in an airplane.  I got to do this 9 months ago when my company flew me to New Jersey on business.  First time I had been in an airplane in 12 years and it was a fantastic feeling. 

-Buy clothes at the regular store.  When I was in the hospital, I was too big to buy clothes even at the big and tall store.  I dreamed of buying clothes at the regular store.  Regular sizes for regular prices, just like a regular person.  I now buy my clothes at any store I want and haven't been to the big and tall store in months.

-Find the smallest rental car I can and drive it.  This item was on the list because in recent years, I had wanted to take a trip, but couldn't because I wouldn't fit in any of the cars for rent.  I still need to check this item off my list.

-Buy a bicycle and ride it. I had always dreamed of riding a bicycle again.  I had gotten too big to ride my bicycle years ago and always wanted to do it again.  I bought a bicycle about a year ago and have been riding it ever since.

-Enter the local "Cooper River Bridge Run" 10K race.  Ever since I moved to Charleston, SC in 2005, I had always seen this event going on and dreamed that one day I would be able to participate.  I am proud to report that in the last 2 years, I have participated in the race.  Even as I am typing these words, I can't believe them.  This is like a fantasy come true.

-To be able to fit in all of the test equipment and machines at the hospital.  This one was on the list because while I was in the hospital, they couldn't do a CT scan on me.  The weight limit for that machine is something like 350 pounds and at 577 pounds, it was no go.  At this point, if I ever need a CT scan, I will fit right in.

-To be able to have blood drawn easily.  I put this on the list because I got tired of being a human pin cushion.  Because of my weight, nurses could never get a vein to draw blood.  They would get it out of my fingers, my hands, my wrist, my arm...and always after sticking me multiple tries.  These days, when I go to have blood drawn, it is a single stick in my arm.  Just like everybody else.

So there you have it.  A sample from my Bucket List, 2 years ago today.


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