Friday, June 29, 2012


Today I was having lunch in a mall food court.  Not my normal eating place, but I needed somewhere I could go with my grocery store food to sit down and eat and that fit the bill.

While I was eating my grilled chicken, hard-boiled egg and honeydew melon, I looked over and there it was:

The Dairy Queen ice cream cone. 

Right across from where I was sitting was a Dairy Queen.  And let me tell you: I wanted that ice cream cone. 

For just a second. 

Then I remembered: I have been fortunate enough to lose 311 pounds in the last 2 years not eating ice cream cones.  And I thought about that line of thinking. 

It all comes down to choices. 

Either I want the ice cream cone (or, in my case, 10 ice cream cones at once,) or I want my mobility, my health, the ability to run, to not drop dead from a blood clot and to not have diabetes. 

All day, every day, we all make choices.  Day in and day out, we decide to do things.  All these little choices add up to big ones and so we wind up where we are because of what we decided to do. 

It all comes down to that: the choice.  Make the choice.  I reached for a sugar-free Jello pudding instead.


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  2. It's like crack. Or booze. Or anything that gives you a temporary feeling of comfort. It must be avoided.

    Once you've been able to ween yourself off the addiction, any small taste will likely lead you back to the place you don't want to be.

    These idiots who say, "don't deprive yourself," are sort of like functional alcoholics. Sure, they can keep a job and live lives they think are suitable...but really, who are they kidding? They're still drunks.

    It's the same with food addicts. It's the same with any addict. If your friend had a crack problem, would you suggest to them to take just a taste? Hell no! So why do people tempt those who are trying to be healthy with unhealthy treats? Because misery loves company and there's nothing better than shooting up with someone else.

    The food we find today in most supermarkets and restaurants are designed to hook you. They are produced by huge cartels like the Colombian drug lords. Their aim is to hook you on something that tastes good, causes you harm, but is almost impossible for you to resist.

    And the powers that support these merchants of misery are cleverly disguised to fool the unobservant. But that's capitalism in the society we choose to live. If you wanna eat a gallon of ice cream or down two large pizzas, that's your choice. And you're told you have the right to do that and should feel good about it. And you do, because damn're an American! But should you?

    The only difference between illegal drugs and the food most people eat today, is that you buy one from a creep on the street and the other from a clown at the drive-thru.