Sunday, July 15, 2012

Give Them All The Finger

It's the million dollar question: how do you get motivated to lose weight?  I get asked it all the time.

I've talked about this before, but for the benefit of those who are just discovering my blog, I will tell you where mine comes from:


That's right. Anger.  Rage.  But at who?  At what?  For what reason?

You can be mad at yourself for allowing yourself to get to your current state (whatever that is.)

Or, you can do what I do, which is to get mad at the entire food and weight-loss industry.  All of it.

First on my list: restaurants, specifically fast-food chains.  I hate them all.  You run food commercials on TV, making it unwatchable for food addicts like me.  You put photographs of your garbage food on billboards and litter the landscape pushing your drug.  Actually, we all know nothing you sell looks like the food in the billboards or the commercials, that's just part of the deception.  There is nothing of any positive nutritional value in a fast-food restaurant and if there is, it is only there to lure people in and make them feel alright about eating there.

Not fired up enough yet?  Let's move on to the food companies.

The US government requires that pet food be solely nutritious enough to sustain the animal it is being fed to.  In other words, the government has higher standards for dog food than it does for the garbage being pumped out by the food companies.

You load your "food" up with so much fat, sugar and salt and put it in a box with a pretty picture on the front.  You peddle your garbage to kids.  The processed food industry poisons the population with its trash with reckless abandon.  The final insult?  We pay for it all.  The US government subsidizes crops like corn, which is used to make trash like high fructose corn syrup so cheaply that the food companies use it over more healthy ingredients.

And last, but certainly not least, my favorite target:  the weight-loss industry.

Let me be clear: the weight-loss industry is a criminal cartel of companies whose executives should be arrested, companies shut down and the money stolen from its victims given back.

I'm talking about them all.  The pills.  The surgeries.  The frozen dinners.  The diet books.  The broken promises. The lies.  The scams.  The phony claims about results almost no one gets.

These thieves should be locked up.  But for some reason, they are allowed to continue to rip people off.  It is a 100% truth that the weight-loss industry is the only industry that sells a product that when it doesn't work, the consumer blames themselves.  No responsibility is ever shared by the company that created the rip-off product that doesn't work.

That should give you an idea of where I am coming from.

One final note: being angry at somebody or something and using it for motivation is not the same as blaming them.  I and I alone am responsible for my weight problem.  I put the food in my mouth and eat it, no one else.

Past that, they can all go to hell.  Now, it's time to go running!


  1. These weight loss tips will be most effective for those who gained few additional kilos after an improper diet plan.

    1. All dieticians advise to take as many fruits and vegetable as you can. They contain all vitamins, antioxidants and fibers which your body needs. Eating a lot of greens is the most natural and easy way to get rid of some fat and to make your lifestyle healthier.

    2. You can eat fresh fruits like a general meal but it will be even better if you will take them between mealtimes. It helps to regulate sugar level and reduce your craving to eat something.

    3. Fresh vegetables must be in your each lunch and dinner. Also, do not mix proteins (meat, beans) with starch (potato, pasta) in on meal.

    4. Meat must be less that 4 to 5 servings a week. When we say meat, we also mean fish and poultry. There are a lot of very tasty vegetarian dishes too!

    5. Start gradually to replace meat with legumes. It can be beans, lentils, peas. Plant protein is very healthy way to change your nutrition for good.

    6. Drinking liquids while eating is the worst habit ever! If you feel very thirsty drink something (better just plain water) after 10 minutes.

    7. Your daily consumption of calories must be well-balanced. It means that you cannot reduce your meal in a big level. Do everything gradually and also keep in mind that it’s better to have 5 or 6 small light meals throughout the day that to have 3 big meal a day and to starve between them.

    8. There are some “hidden” calories that can enormously add up our weight when we are not even aware of it. They are pop, cream, juices with sugar or sugar in our tea or coffee. Try to avoid them, using instead at least 8 glasses of water to balance hydration of our body.

    9. Of course, you must exercise in regular basis! Even 30 minutes a day is enough to feel better and give your body nice training.

    10. Alcohol must be cut because it is very rich in calories which are very “light” in becoming additional fat. Follow these weight loss tips and be happy!

  2. Exactly, I couldn't have said it better myself. I recently watched and blogged about an interesting documentary that makes a lot of these points. It's called the weight of the nation. You can watch it for free at: You might enjoy it.

    And, wow, you're an inspiration. I just stumbled across your blog. I can't believe how much weight you've lost. You look great!