Friday, July 6, 2012

Weighing In

After having been on a plateau for so long it was nice to weigh in this morning at 258.  That's an 8-pound loss in 3 weeks and brings my total weight lost to 319 pounds.

I knew I had lost some more because with every pound I am losing, I can feel the pressure coming off my knees when I run.

I know that I won't always have such a big drop in such a relatively short period of time, but I will celebrate it for now.

So what's my goal?  I've had people ask me how thin I want to get, how much weight I want to lose.  Really, I would love to get to 177.  To be able to say I have lost 400 pounds on my own would be incredible.  I probably haven't weighed that since grade school.  I am not sure that will ever happen, because I will start to look really thin once I get closer to 200.

But imagine what it will be like to run with 60 fewer pounds than I am carrying now! Heaven.

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