Sunday, August 19, 2012

Click Here For Absolute Nonsense

In the world of online media, the number of page views rules the day. Online advertisers pay for the number of people that click on an ad or visit a page.

And one sure-fire way to get people to click on something is to have a headline that spouts some idiotic, outrageous health advice.

Here are a few from this week:

Actually, Yo-Yo Diets Don't Screw Up Your Metabolism

Egg Yolks As Bad For Your Heart As Smoking

See the pattern?  It's simple: let's write a story about how something that is good for you is really bad! Or, vice-versa, now what used to be bad is good!

What's next?  Smoking is good for you?  A story about the health benefits of fast food?

Use common sense. It will never steer you wrong.  Ever.

Take the first one.  Who cares if Yo-Yo diets screw up your metabolism?  They screw up your life! It is bad for your physical health and bad for your mental health to gain and lose the same weight over and over again.  Who cares about your metabolism?

And the egg one.

Come on.  Eggs as bad for you as smoking?  Really.  So let's just accept the premise for just a second that eggs are really that unhealthy.  How are the eggs being prepared?  What was the rest of the person's diet like that was eating the eggs?

Again, once you employ simple common sense, these idiotic stories do not pass the test of reasonableness.  But because we all want to believe, because a lot of us are desperate to lose weight, we will click on the story and read it and believe it.



  1. Hello Bryan,
    I just found your blog and I am blown away by your story! This is my first blog post comment ever so if I am leaving it in the wrong section please forgive me.

    I have a brother who suffers from a severe food addiction and have been searching high and low for someone else out there that he can properly identify with. Although I find many stories of great weight loss acomplishments around the internet, they always seem to come down to either, "Buy our product", or "Follow this ridiculously difficult eating plan".

    I love your honest and candid advice. I have a couple questions and would greatly appreciate any response you would be willing to give. First, you mention in some of your earlier posts that you started by eating around 2400 calories a day.

    Do you still eat that many calories? If not, when did you start tapering them? and what has been your strategy up until this point regarding that?

    The second question is, are there certain foods or snacks that you may have eaten at the start of your journey, but have cut out along the way?

    You mentioned that you were not as concerned about what you ate, then you were about keeping your calories around 2400. I feel this idea, offers great hope to the severely addicted. That you have to start somewhere, so even if you can't eat like a seasoned nutritionist yet, at least get started with what you can do.

    That being said, at what point do you feel stricter control should become part of the plan?

    Thank you so much for your time Bryan, You have a new faithful reader

    Amber K.

  2. Amber! Thanks for reading and commenting. Send me an e-mail at

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  4. 1-So work out hard and run hard. Walking is fine if you are just starting out or you need to just get out of the house. But for long term health and weight loss you need to actually exercise and walking is about as poor of an exercise as you can get.Weight Loss Surgery

  5. You couldn't be more wrong, my friend, but thanks for commenting!