Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It Wasn't Time

Day 2 back on the Diovan and I already feel so much better. My blood pressure has returned to normal, about 115 over 70.

At first I was disappointed to be taking it again, but 2 things have given me a better outlook about it.

1.) I need it. It wasn't time to stop taking it.

2.) Diovan is expensive, but it goes generic next month, before I run out. I smartly save all of my prescription drugs, even the ones I hate and hope to never take again.  You never know.

So for now, back on this drug. Hopefully not forever, but if it has to be that way, so be it.


  1. Thanks Bryan for the information.

    I also take Diovan and it's quit expensive so to speak and now you've open up that there is a generic for this, it could cheap in on my budget.

    Do you know how much does it cost per tablet or per one bottle?


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