Thursday, January 17, 2013

First weigh-in of 2013: Another milestone

After plateauing the last time I weighed in on New Year's Day, I weighed yesterday and the news was good. 

224. A little less, actually...but I rounded up. So, as the banner at the top of the page states, I have lost 353 pounds. 

I'm very excited, as I am only 25 pounds away from being under 200. I won't be able to believe it once I get there. When I get to 198 pounds, I will be at a weight I haven't weighed since the 5th grade 30 years ago. 

But I know "getting there" will only just be the beginning. 

You see, unlike almost any other accomplishment, losing weight is far from permanent.  It's not like getting a college degree, where you have it once you've achieved it.  Or building a building.  Or digging a ditch.  Or anything else. 

No, losing weight just means that you have adopted the lifestyle and habits that have led you to weigh a certain weight.  But only for that moment in time.  If I don't keep living the lifestyle and habits of somebody who weighs 224 pounds, the weight will all come back. 

It never ends. But I welcome the challenge and I am excited by it.  I just have to stay humble.  Because it is a privilege to be thin, one that must be earned on a daily basis. 

The fight continues!