Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Second Dumbest Idea I've Heard This Week

An article by "Mike Stobbe," medical writer for the Associated Press, has me more worked up than the fat shaming nonsense the other day.

In case you have better things to do, I'll summarize it for you: we should let smokers die and the overweight die without helping them because it costs too much money to try and prolong their lives ($96 billion for smokers and $147 billion for the overweight, the story says.)

The entire news story is one gigantic, condescending put-down of the overweight (and smokers too.) I don't smoke, but it made me have sympathy even for them.  I'm imaging this Mike Stobbe clown as some rail-thin moron who gets a thrill every time he types the word "obesity" on his computer.

Let me try and make some sense of this.

First of all Mr. Stobbe, why do we help anyone who has supposedly done it to themselves?  It's called compassion, you dunce.  It's called being human.  It's called nobody's perfect.  If your house catches on fire because you left the stove unattended, is the fire department supposed to just show up and say "sorry...costs too much to put it out. It's your own stupid fault!"

I look at my own situation.  In 2010 when I was rushed to the hospital dying from blood clots in my lungs and weighing 577 pounds, the doctors could have said "This is because you're overweight and inactive. We can't treat you because it's not worth it. Sucks to be you.  Have a nice day."

Some people are so high and mighty they can actually write this nonsense.  It's as if this Mike Stobbe guy is so perfect and without a single character flaw than he can sit in judgment of the rest of the population.  I'm so glad he wasn't the doctor on duty at the emergency room the day I went in.  I wouldn't have lived.

Society cares for all of the sick because it's the right thing to do, whether they did it to themselves or not.  We are a compassionate society.  We help smokers.  We help the overweight.  If you're on death row and need medical attention, we give it to you.  It says more about us than the person we're helping.

What an idiot.