Sunday, February 3, 2013

A 10K run.....and then some

After being under the weather for a few weeks, I finally hit the running trail this afternoon. The last time I ran was running over the bridge and back 2 weeks ago, which was just over 5 miles.

The Bridge Run is coming up April 6, so I need to make sure my endurance is where it needs to be.  So the goal today was to run an entire 10K...which is about 6.25 miles.

I finished today at 6.5 miles. One of my shoes came untied at the 5 mile mark, but I kept running.  I couldn't muscles tighten up and I wouldn't be able to get started. I made it through.

Here is the time and the timing of each mile:

Running is the hardest exercise in the world, but I love it! Now I just need to speed things up a bit. I know there is no way I am going to get under an hour for the bridge run, but I'd like to be comfortably under 1:15.  Accounting for the incline, the wind, the crowds and any other surprises, I should be able to do it.