Sunday, March 3, 2013

The first thing in my book...the disclaimer

Every book about weight loss has to include this so you don't get sued. -BG


The information contained in this book is for informational purposes only.  Bryan Ganey is not a qualified health professional, just a guy that lost a bunch of weight on his own.

Please seek medical advice from a doctor before beginning any weight loss program. Please seek nutritional advice from a registered dietitian prior to beginning any weight loss program.  Please consult a medical doctor before beginning any exercise program.  Please also consult a certified personal trainer before beginning any exercise program.

The decision to have or not have weight loss surgery is a decision that you should make after consulting with your doctor and doing your own appropriate research.  Do not make that decision based on anything you read in this book.

Do not follow anything you read in this book without discussing it with your doctor first.  By reading this book, you are agreeing that you will take your health seriously and only proceed with a lifestyle change after receiving sound medical advice from a qualified health professional.