Sunday, March 3, 2013

The No “O-Word” Pledge

The No “O-Word” Pledge

I, Bryan Ganey, hereby do pledge to you, my dear reader, that I will never use the “O-Word” anywhere in this book.

What is the O-word?  You know the word.  It is the word that society and the media use to stereotype the overweight.  It has been used as a label with such frequency and with such condescension and disdain that I now hate it.

 It is an absolute irrefutable fact that the last acceptable form of discrimination in our society is the mistreatment of the overweight. It isn't right, but a large portion of society sees big people as less than a human being, if they see them at all.  I've experienced this first hand.  You are due the same respect any other person is so don't tolerate the jokes, the put-downs or the comments.

You are a person with as much to offer is anyone else.  I will not devalue you by labeling you with the “O-Word.” 

Since this is my book, you will never read that word in this book.