Thursday, May 9, 2013

Impossible? I don't think so.

Weight loss surgery is back in the headlines lately. The governor of New Jersey Chris Christie has had the lap band procedure. Before we get started, I want it to be very clear where I stand on two issues:

1.) While it is not something I would ever do, I make no judgment on anyone who has or has had lap band weight loss surgery. I wish everyone the best in their weight struggle. Please, no hate mail. I know you'll send it anyway, though.

2.) Chris Christie can do what he wants, it is his body. He has as much right to have weight loss surgery as I have not to have it. To each their own.

Now on to what I want to say.

The Today Show online ran a story about Christie's procedure. It's typical run-of-the-mill stuff. The weight loss surgeons throw in their two cents. But then I came across this quote from Dr. Mitchell Roslin, chief of bariatric and metabolic surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York:

“When people get to the size of people like Gov. Christie, it’s absolutely impossible for them to maintain weight loss that’s significant without surgery,” Roslin said. 

Oh really? Impossible?  Incorrect.

Not only is it possible, but I am living proof. I am not sure how much Christie weighed before his surgery, but I would say he probably didn't weigh the 577 pounds I did when I started.

You can tell me it is extremely difficult.

You can tell me I will probably fail.

But don't you dare tell me it is "absolutely impossible," because you are wrong, Dr. Roslin.  This is the mindset of the weight loss industry, of which he is a part. The message is simple: the heavy person is doomed and surgery is the only way out.

But doing it the hard way is always an option, if you choose to do it. And it's not impossible.   What is somebody who weighs 500 or 600 pounds and doesn't have health insurance, or can't pay the money to have weight loss surgery to do? Are they just supposed to give up because some doctor says it's impossible? Are they not supposed to try anything?

Are they supposed to just eat themselves to death, because some idiot somewhere says it's impossible? How about eating better food? How about walking 5 minutes a day? Is that impossible? That's how I started. These doctors promote the idea that it's all hopeless, that the only way out is to file nutritional bankruptcy and go under the knife. We shouldn't even give people the information to try for themselves. We shouldn't help them. We shouldn't encourage them.

I remember one doctor 3 years ago told me that it was impossible to do it on my own because "losing 300 pounds would take 3 years."

He was wrong.

It only took 2 1/2 years to lose the first 300 pounds.

Here is a video I made over a year ago, after I had lost the first 280 pounds. Enjoy the impossible.