Friday, July 19, 2013

My Book Is Out! [update] Print version too!

My book is now available in paperback!

e-Books may be outselling print books, but some people still like to hold the book in their hand and read it. Now you can have your very own. Click here to order from You can also read a free preview. Shipping is free if you spend $25 or more! 

My book is also available for download from for your Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet.  The special introductory price is $7.99 and a free sample is available.


  1. I am reading Brian's book that I purchased this morning. I wanted to give it my feedback for what it's worth.

    I rate his book as a 10..Very Well written, encouraging and Each page offers HOPE with a lot of COMMON SENSE!

    Gimmick diets are a dime a dozen. Brian has done what few people have done and that is shut-up with the whining, get serious and start eating correctly one day after another as well as exercise any way possible.

    I REALLY like what Brian talks about in the first few pages about being in the 5% of people who SUCCEED!!!
    We can ALL be in the 5% group who SUCCEED if we HONESTLY try!!!!

    As a man who has already lost 120 pounds and stalled, Brian's book and blogs are helping me to PRESS ON!

    Surgery is an option for any of us who suffer with obesity but if we don't learn what Brian has, so eloquently and with encouragement explained in his book, surgery will NOT necessarily give us permanent success.

    I sincerely hope Brian is able to quickly get into a good Radio syndication and sweep the country like Dave Ramsey and others,

    I appreciate Brian's interest in helping others. I have already been GREATLY encouraged from his blogs.

    Many Thanks,
    Glenn Scott

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  3. Your inspired me a lot, may I know what method you used to achieve such figure without surgery?