Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Welcome Dave Ramsey Show Fans!

I am very honored that Dave has shared my story about getting out of debt and my weight loss journey. Check out my site. You can watch my other videos, purchase my book in paperback or e-book and even send me an e-mail. Thank you and welcome!

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  1. Bryan,
    wow absolutely inspired!
    I am doing a inspirational blog on you over at my website ( as I am in awe of you and know others will be as well. If you are up for an interview on my show, I would love to have you join me on my 6am cst Friday show that replays on iTunes and Sticher. No worries if you are not interested. If you are, just email me at
    Hey, congrats!

  2. CONGRADS! Your an inspiration!

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  4. Bryan, I just saw your story on the Dave Ramsey show. You are awesome man. Debt free and a complete life change. You are an incredible inspiration. Keep it up.

    ~ Johnny Bravo

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