Friday, January 7, 2011

Frequenty Asked Questions

So by now, people are aware that I am losing weight (although for some, it took about 100 pounds before they noticed) and I've been getting a lot of questions. Here they are, in no particular order:

Q: Did you have weight-loss surgery?

A: I did not. I have nothing against the surgery.  This option was presented to me and my insurance would have paid for it, I just decided to try losing it myself one last time.

Q: So you had the lap band?

A: No, I did not. Again, this is a great option for many people, but I have not had any weight loss surgery.

Q: I don't believe you. 

A: You're welcome to look for a scar.  By appointment only, of course.

Q: So what are you doing? Weight Watchers? Atkins? South Beach Diet? NutriSystems? The weight-loss patch? 

A: None of the above. I'm just following the meal plan the Registered Dietitian in the hospital gave me. Nothing fancy.  I suppose it is something like Weight Watchers, but I count calories instead of points.  And I think the weight-loss patch only works if you put it over your mouth.

At the end of the day, if you eat less, you'll lose weight.  I eat 5 or 6 small meals a day totaling around 2,000-2,400 calories.  I do light exercise 2 to 3 times a week.  Pretty basic.

Q: How do I lose weight like you?  I can never seem to get motivated. 

A: I am the wrong person to ask about motivation.  Up until 7 months ago, I was as big as a house (maybe two houses) and had zero motivation.  It's only when I was confronted the idea of my life ending that I found the motivation I have now.  In the end, it wasn't worth it.  The good news is once you get started, it's not that difficult.

Q: Do you feel deprived? 

A: No. I eat plenty and often. But it takes dedication and follow-through to eat on a regular schedule.  I also don't eat out at restaurants and haven't for almost 7 months.  I will eventually, but not now.

Q: I'm trying to lose weight.  What advice do you have for me? 

A: Here's a few quick tips:

1.) Make an appointment with a Registered Dietitian.  Find one at the American Dietetic Association's website. Talk to your doctor.  Gather information from multiple sources.

2.) Don't be afraid to fail. You will figure out what works for you.

3.) Don't look for a quick fix. Think about the rest of your life, not some artificial deadline.

4.) Pack your lunch.  Prepare your own meals.  Measure your portions.  Stay out of the restaurants for awhile.

5.) Eat Breakfast. 

6.) Get a good night's sleep.

If you have any other questions, send me an e-mail!


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  2. Hi Bryan!
    I'm Nithya living in India. While browsing I came to read your blow.
    Congrats on your weight loss success!