Monday, January 10, 2011

My Bio

I decided to write a bio.  If somebody were reading my blog for the first time, they might wonder who I was, where I came from, what this was all about.

So this is the bio.

I was born in 1972.  Growing up, I was always a heavy kid.  This came with the usual baggage of taunts, bullying, etc.  I remember always having to buy big clothes to wear and not always having them fit right.

When I graduated high school in 1991, I was huge.  400+ pounds for sure.

For most of the 90's, I yo-yo'd up and down between probably 350 and 450.

Then, toward the end of 1997, I decided I'd had enough. I went on a 14-month tear...losing 240 pounds and becoming skinny.

Except I did it the wrong way. I accomplished this goal in a relatively short period of time through extreme exercise, a very strict diet and almost starvation levels of nutrition.  What happened next was what always happens when somebody does what I did....I gained it all back.

By the year 2000, I was over 400 pounds again. So much for that. I tried over the next ten years or so to lose weight, but always failed.

By June of 2010, I was at 577 pounds. And that wasn't my heaviest....there were times I am sure I got to 600, but with no scale to weigh on, there was no way of knowing.

On June 20, 2010, I was stricken with a Pulmonary Embolism and was taken to the emergency room. After a week in the hospital, I decided enough was enough and I was going to lose weight once and for all. But this time, I was determined to adopt a more moderate approach. 

And "The Ganey Bypass" was born!


  1. You have my very best wishes for continued success Bryan.
    I think you are doing this the smart way. You are looking really good...keep on keepin' on!!!
    Gloria Connon..happy to be your FB friend.

  2. Amazing! Incredible! Inspirational!

    You seriously should write a book or something, or make the talk-show circuit. You definitely have a story to tell, especially when you reach your goal...which you will.

    Mike F, Dayton OH

  3. You look great. I have been trying to lose weight for over two years, but everytime i feel im going somewhere i give in to temptation thats staring me in my face. Have n e tips on that? Great job on ure hard work n dedication, to ureself!!!!

  4. you have an amazing story -- so glad it's reached me. I've felt helpless and hopeless and you've helped me find HOPE! and reassurance that I can continue the journey I started.

  5. Listening to Dave Ramsey encouraged me to get my finances in order. I was telling my family and friends how he is such a motivator but he keeps it simple, easy to understand, easy to follow, and you know he believes what he preaches. I said "we" need someone like that to be on the radio encouraging people to lose weight. I think you are our guy!