Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Question From Sonia

Sonia writes:

Bryan, do you blog all of your daily meals? That would be interesting to see just so I know what is good vs. bad. Also how do you be sure to keep track of calories and how much everything has in it? What's the easiest way for everyone? I've thought about it but it seems like a lot of work to count calories.

Hi Sonia.

I don't blog my daily menu, but this sample food journal gives you an idea of how I do it. 

It is a lot of work to count the calories, but surprisingly, it becomes easier over time. I have memorized the calorie counts for most things.  So for example, I know my daily breakfast is 585 calories.  I write that down.  I pack my lunch and 2 snacks for work, that is usually about 1,000 calories.  So it's very easy to total it up at the end of the day.  

I use a pen and small notepad to keep track of my food.  But there are all sorts of different ways to do this.   You can use your computer, a smartphone app, etc.  But it all works the same: you must keep track of your eating otherwise you have no idea how many calories you're consuming. 

As for what foods are good vs. bad, I would think more about the qualities you want in a food.  I eat from what I call "The 6 Food Groups."  They are:  Fruits, Vegetables, Whole Grains, Lean Meats, Low fat dairy and water.  You want to eat foods that are going to fill you up and leave you satisfied.  A 20 ounce bottle of Mountain Dew and a Snickers Bar totals 561 calories.  An entire pineapple is about 450 calories.  Which is going to fill you up more and leave you feeling satisfied?

Food companies and restaurant chains use fat, sugar and salt to stimulate and hook people on processed garbage and trash fast food.  This "food" is neither nutritious nor is it filling, so that is why people are hungry all the time after eating it. 

So eat up, write it down and don't forget to drink a lot of water.  Hope that helps. 

A Question From Evelyn

Evelyn writes:

Bryan, I am interested in knowing what your exercise routine is like. I have been doing CrossFit for 3 months and I enjoy it most of the time. Actually I LOVE it, but my body does not. I can deal with the muscle aches, but my knees hurt so bad I can barely sit down on the toilet or get out of my favorite chair. Although I have been busting my tail at CrossFit, I have not lost ANY weight. I had hoped that with all this pain and working out that I would have seen some improvement. I do see some muscle definition and I feel stronger, but no difference in weight or the way my clothes fit. I have sooooo many friends that have had WLS this last year and I was in the process myself. I was challenged by a friend to give losing the weight on my own one more chance. On days when I am in so much pain, WLS seems like the better choice. PLEASE if Bryan or anyone else reading this has any suggestions, I am all ears.

My response:

Evelyn! Thanks for writing.

Congratulations on embracing your workout routine. Even though you haven't lost any weight, you are much healthier because of it. Do not give up. Be careful, though.  If the exercise is consistently causing you real pain (soreness is fine,) then you might be overdoing it.

Exercise actually has a pretty low rate of return when it comes to losing weight. To burn off 3,500 calories (1 pound,) you would have to walk 35 miles.  I work out 3 times a week, which includes cardio and weight lifting and some jogging. Nothing too difficult. I walk on the other days.

How much we weigh is much more directly tied to how many calories we consume on a daily basis. The best advice I could give is to keep a food journal and really tighten up the weighing and measuring.  Know how much you're eating so you can analyze it. The right amount of calories varies from person to person.

And don't lower your caloric intake to starvation levels just to lose weight (1,500 calories a day is nonsense.)  I actually eat quite a lot, at least 2,500 calories a day and sometimes up to 3,000.  Also, eat foods that are not calorie-dense, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, etc. that also have a lot of fiber that will fill you up. I eat 6 times a day...3 meals and 3 snacks.  By staying consistently satisfied, I have been able to lose 301 pounds in the last 2 years. If I can do it, so can you. I would challenge you to think long-term: I expect the next 76 pounds I need to lose to take a year or more.  It just isn't going to stay off if you lose it all very quickly.

Weight Loss Surgery is a quick fix that works for some people, but in the end, you accept a risk of complications or death in return for something that isn't fool proof.  You still have to change your lifestyle and do the work, so why not just skip having your insides rearranged and change your lifestyle now?

None of this is easy, I still struggle from time to time.  Hang in there, Evelyn. You can do it.

Day In, Day Out

June 20 will mark the 2-year anniversary of my lifestyle change.   The hard work has begun.

One of the hardest things to do when it comes to changing your own behavior, especially drastically, is to keep it up.

Doing the same thing, over and over, day in and day out.  Going to the gym when you don't feel like it.  Your schedule changes, so you feel out of sorts.  The feeling of being in supreme control suddenly starts to wane, as you go wobbly and get lazy.

I'm there now, that's for sure.  But I am doing the only thing I can: keep going.

It was never going to be the case that I was going to work out every day for the rest of my life.  It was never going to happen.  So I am sticking with what has brought me this far: 3 days a week in the gym and walking on the other days.

Walking has been my bread and butter from the start.  I love to run, but it is hard on the joints.  So walk I will.

The routine and the persistence are what will get me through.

Friday, April 27, 2012

What I Think About "The Heart Attack Grill"

There is a restaurant in Las Vegas called "The Heart Attack Grill."  It makes news every time somebody eats there and winds up being hospitalized because the food is so unhealthy, people collapse.  Here's the latest news story. 

The waitresses are all dressed up as nurses, everybody over 350 pounds eats free, etc.

So what do I think?

Well, for starters, the people that own and run the restaurant can do whatever they want.  The people who choose to eat there can do whatever they want.  I'm not suggesting the place be shut down (although society would be better for it.)

Rather, the problem here is the people eating there are living a lie.  They believe their health is indestructible, they think it won't hurt them to eat there.  As I found out, you can't cheat the the reaper.  Eat at "The Heart Attack Grill" often enough, and he will come calling.

Nobody escapes death.  No one.  So since you know that eating an unhealthy diet will make you die sooner, why do it?

I would have been one of those people at that restaurant in their hospital gown enjoying their "Flatliner Fries" and their "Bypass Burger" until I almost checked out almost 2 years ago.

For some reason, when people eat out in restaurants, we completely lose our minds.  Temptation overrules everything, as the restauranteur pumps thousands of calories loaded with fat, sugar and salt into us.  Truth of the matter is, there are thousands of "Heart Attack Grills" all over the U.S.  We all know their names.

Cook your own food, people.  And live longer for it.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Response To My Food Journal Post

It seems my post of my food journal from yesterday has caused quite a stir.  I got a lot of e-mails and text messages about it.  Here's a roundup of the questions, along with my answers:

How often do you grocery shop! With all the food you eat, you must go every day!

Nope. I shop once, maybe twice a week if I forget something.  You just have to plan.

I can't afford to eat like you do because eating healthy is expensive. 

No, it isn't, and here is why.  If you buy the healthy food INSTEAD OF the garbage from the vending machines, the restaurants, the drive-thrus, the pizza man and the other processed garbage, you will save money.

Healthy food is not expensive.  Most people spend hundreds of dollars per month eating out.

I could never eat that much! 

If you need to lose weight (and I still have some to lose,) you have to realize that high-calorie foods that have very little mass are not going to fill you up.  I try to focus on eating things that have a lot of volume for not many calories, so I stay full.

So, calorie-wise, it is very likely that you already eat more than me, a lot more than me.  It's just my food is not so calorie-dense.  Example: 2 Pop Tarts is 410 calories.  For that same 410 calories, I could eat a bowl of oatmeal, 2 cups of strawberries and a banana.

Which is going to fill you up more, be more nutritious and keep you satisfied longer?  I rest my case.

You eat all the time.

I do.  I believe you have to manage your hunger.  By the time the night comes, I have been eating all day.  I'm not starving at night, where I used to get into so much trouble.

Thanks for the feedback!  Feel free to e-mail me. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Today's Food Journal

Well, here it is for all to see.  This is what I had to eat today.  You will first notice that I eat A LOT of food!  All of it is high-fiber, low fat food designed to keep me satisfied throughout the day.  Enjoy!

Breakfast - 765 calories
4 servings of egg beaters
1 morningstar sausage patty
1 large banana
1 bowl of oatmeal with raisins
1/2 gallon of Walmart "Orange Early Rise" sugar-free drink
1 vanilla Dannon Light and Fit Yogurt with sliced frozen bananas

Mid-morning snack - 240 calories
2 bananas

Lunch - 430 calories
1 turkey sandwich
1 apple

Mid-afternoon snack - 86 calories
1 orange

Early Evening snack - 175 calories
1 instant oatmeal packet with raisins

Dinner - 660 calories
2 servings of baked fish
2 plain baked potatoes
4 servings of green beans
1 tablespoon of smart balance margarine

Late evening snack - 180 calories
2 cups of frozen strawberries
1 vanilla Dannon Light and Fit Yogurt

Total: 2,536 calories

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Getting Started: Step 1, Detox.

The following is an excerpt from my forthcoming book. Enjoy - Bryan.

When I think about the difference between how I eat today and how I ate before I went to the hospital 2 years ago, it is quite a change.

But it has taken a long time to get here. 

If you're looking to get started on a lifestyle change, I think it's rare that anyone could just flip the switch overnight, walking away from a diet of highly processed sugar, salt and fat and into a more healthy one. Your entire palate, all your life, has gotten very used to intense flavors.  Your taste buds are expecting that salt, sugar or fat rush with every bite. 

If food can be an addiction....and I believe it can be, with myself as an addict...then there has to be a way to go from terrible to healthy.  So, like an addict trying to stop abusing a drug, it's time to go through detox.  How do you do it?  Very carefully. 

This is the part where wanting all of the success right now has to fall by the wayside.  Remember: you're in this for the rest of your life.  You want long-term results, not a quick fix that is going to last a few months. 

Forget about losing weight.  Time to start re-programming your body to live on and want healthy food.  Time to start the detox. 

At this stage of the game, the foods that you eat are probably not going to be what you eventually wind up eating.  What you drink will not be what you wind up drinking.  But you are trying to come down off a very bad trip.  Think of this as nutritional methadone. 

Also forget about how much you're eating.  Again, the focus is on creating new behavior patterns that will last.  You may even overeat at this point.  It doesn't matter. It's all about being satisfied with the good stuff. 

Drinking Water
Somehow, some way, you have to start drinking water.  In the beginning, I mixed all my water with sugar-free drink mixes.  Also, you can buy fruit-flavored waters.  If you must, switch to caffeine-free, sugar-free colas.  Whatever it takes to get you from drinking soda all the time to drinking water all the time, you need to get there. 

Eating Often
If you eat anything like I used to, it could be a cycle of starving and bingeing.  That is, you don't eat breakfast then you wait all the way until you are ravenously hungry, then overeat.  This is a big problem.  You have got to space out your meals and your eating.  What worked for me is eating roughly 6 times a day, about 2 hours between meals:  Breakfast, Mid-Morning Snack, Lunch, Mid-Afternoon Snack, Dinner, Evening Snack.  That's it.  3 Meals and 3 Snacks.  Every day, day in and day out. 

Eat In Bulk
The problem with processed foods high in fat, sugar and salt is they are not very filling.  You wind up taking in a large number of calories and don't feel full.  The goal now is to fill yourself up on food that will make you feel very full, but not have anywhere near the calories of the garbage.  This means foods high in fiber, such as oatmeal, high-fiber wheat bread, fruits, vegetables, whole wheat pasta, etc. need to be worked into your diet as much as possible. 

One of the big substitutions I made was non-fat yogurt and frozen fruit taking the place of ice cream.  I can eat frozen fruit until I am ready to burst, and yet it's only a few hundred calories.  I eat Egg Beaters instead of eggs.  Make your own pizzas.  Your own healthy burgers.  Find creative ways to make better versions of what you used to eat. 

And one last thing.  Detoxing from an unhealthy lifestyle is going to have its own side effects.  You are bound to be cranky, aggravated, mad at the world and very, very unhappy.  This is normal.  I went through junk food and caffeine withdrawal in the hospital for a week and it was pure misery.

It could take you a couple weeks to detox, maybe even a month.  But it's worth it.  You just can't give up. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

None Of This Is Easy

This is sort of a serious subject for my blog, but I've been meaning to write about it.

The other day, a friend of mine pointed out another friend of mine who had recently gained a lot of weight.

"Look at them, they gained all that weight back."

I couldn't correct them fast enough: "It's very hard.  That could be either one of us."

People see the results I've been able to achieve over the last 2 years and mistakenly assume that I am cured.  I am not.  I have not cracked the secret weight loss code, I have not found the Easy Button.  I cannot sit here and say that I have lost this weight forever.  Why?

Because we are all day-to-day.  Back in 1999, I gained 200 pounds in about 9 months.  It was the most humiliating experience of my life.  That failure affects every decision I make today when it comes to managing this weight loss.

It's hard.

It's very, very hard.  It can be done, but it is difficult.  I am no better than anyone else.  I have only figured out what works for me, for the moment.  And really, it's just like any other addiction.  But see, the thing about food addiction is you can't quit.  You still have to eat.  And you have to eat quite often.

But back to making fun of overweight people.  Don't do it.  It's rude, it's not nice and we go through enough condescension and humiliation in our lives, we don't need it from anyone else.

The high and mighty among us might look at the overweight person and cast aspersions on them.  But what they don't realize is that one day, that very well might be them.  They get older.  Their metabolism slows down.  They start eating more calories.  Exercising less.  Surprise, they've gotten heavy too.

I've said it before and I will say it again: the overweight are the last group of people it is acceptable to discriminate against.  We know we're overweight, we don't need you to tell us.  Being overweight, while ultimately the responsibility of the person that is heavy, is a creation of the American way of life in the 21st century.

So be nice. 

Grocery Shopping Day

Every Saturday for the last 2 years, I have gone grocery shopping.

This is sort of a big deal, because for most of my adult life, I rarely grocery shopped.  I lived on fast food, vending machine food and restaurant food.

But I think this one shopping...eating food out of the grocery store, is a huge key to successful weight management.

Our parents and grandparents had it right: when you buy and prepare your own meals, you will eat healthier, live longer and have a healthier weight.

How long has it been since you went to the grocery store?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

You Know What You Need To Do, SO DO IT!

I debated whether or not to post something like this on the blog, but why not?  Here goes.

Day after day, week after week, month after month, I get the e-mails from people.  I can almost know what they're going to say before I open them.  In fact, here is the template: (feel free to cut and paste)

Dear Bryan,
Your story is so inspiring. Thank you.  I just finished watching your YouTube video and reading your blog and it made me cry.
I weigh ____ pounds and am ___ years old. I have struggled with my weight all my life.  I can't seem to get started.  I am a victim because of (pick at least 2:)
1.) Excuse #1
2.) Somebody else I am blaming for my problems
3.) Excuse #2
4.) Impossible situation that I can actually control, but choose not to 
5.) My spouse
6.) My children
I try to eat healthy (not really) but always gain the weight back.  Can you help me?  I only eat 1,200 calories per day, but still weigh _____ pounds. (300+)

Keep up the good work,    ____________ (hopefully your name is not here)

Look, here's the thing.  I am right there with you.  Until I almost wound up dead 2 years ago, I didn't care about my weight.  I had given up. I binged my way to almost 600 pounds.  I totally get that losing weight and changing your lifestyle is very, very, very hard.  I can also understand why somebody would just choose not to do it, not to bother.

But you've got stop whining.  Don't sit there crying about your situation, send me an e-mail telling me how impossible it all is, then order a large pizza and a 2-liter of Mountain Dew.

There is only one person that is going to fix your situation:  You.  It will be hard.  It will be long.  And you will probably fail the first few times.  But you have to do the work.  Go to the grocery store.  Buy food.  Pack your lunch.  Stay out of the drive-thru.  Stop allowing yourself to get so hungry that you eat any and everything within your reach.

It takes real work and you have to do it.  You have the power.  Use it.  It can be done.

Oh, and keep e-mailing me.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stop Starving Yourself!!!!

Over the past several months, I have gotten hundreds of e-mails from many of you wanting help with your weight.  Far and away, the #1 most common problem is that people want to starve themselves.

Here's why I believe this is so.

Everyone wants the Easy Button.  They want it all right now.  They want to lose 50 pounds in 5 minutes. But you have to understand a few things.  Your body is the most complicated, sophisticated machine on Earth.  It needs fuel. As a matter of fact, it needs quite a lot of fuel and it needs it often.

Stop starving yourself.  Get it out of your head that to lose weight you have to starve yourself.

Imagine if you had an overweight pet.  Would you starve it until it got to the weight you thought it should be at?  No.  You would do the responsible thing. You would feed it a proper diet and want it to lose the weight slowly.

So why not treat yourself at least as well as your pets?

The problem is not usually how much you're eating, it's WHAT you're eating.  High-fat, high-sugar, high-calorie processed foods that have absolutely no mass and no fiber are NOT going to fill you up.  You need full meals that are going to fill you up and last a few hours until you eat again.

And another thing.  I see a lot of people (and I used to do it for 37 years) eating garbage because that's all they have at that moment.  You know you're going to have to eat, you know you're going to be hungry.....why not bring something?  Why not a little planning?

You are going to have to eat at least 3 times a day (I eat 6 times a day) every day for the rest of your life.  So why not do it right and plan some of those meals?

But stop starving yourself.  The worst thing you can eat is nothing at all. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Available For Speaking Engagements

I am looking for opportunities to tell my story and speak to groups about what I've learned when it comes to healthy eating, exercise and survival.

I am willing to do it for free (for now,) in exchange for the experience, but there are a few stipulations:

1.) It has to be on a Saturday or a Sunday

2.) It cannot be at a restaurant

3.) If it's not local to the Charleston, SC area, any travel expenses would need to be covered

If interested, send me an e-mail here.  Thanks!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Meeting "Biggest Loser" Season 11 Runner-Up Hannah Curlee

I got the chance to spend some time with Biggest Loser Season 11 Runner-Up Hannah Curlee recently.

She had some interesting things to say and I agreed with all of it.  First, she said the obvious, but what you don't always hear from people promoting weight loss: it's hard and it's a lot of work.

But what I really loved about what she said was her recommendation for people to get started exercising: go walking.

That's right.  She said people need to realize they can lose just as much weight as she has by walking.  That is all you need to do.  Walk.

A great person and a great story!

Today's Weigh-in: Hitting a Milestone

I quit posting my weigh-ins a long time ago, mainly because I wanted to get away from being obsessed with the scale. 

But I still weigh every 2 to 3 weeks and today I weighed myself.  This is a great day, because I am pleased to report I weighed in at 276 pounds. 

This means that since June 20, 2010, I have lost 301 pounds. It's very strange to type that.  I almost can't believe it.  On May 13, 2011, I weighed 377.  My goal was to lose 100 pounds in a year.  I have managed to beat that by just under a month.  I'm very excited about that.  My next goal will be to lose 77 pounds in the next year. I know it's going to take that long because the weight loss will inevitably slow down. 

So what does this mean?  Well, it means nothing more than right now, I weigh 276 pounds.  I have to keep doing exactly what I am doing to keep getting the results I am getting. 

But more than that, for me, it's personal validation.  I feel like I have finally come up with some foods I can eat and some ways to cope and get through the day.  The answer for me has been to eat in abundance, but eat fruits, vegetables, lean meats, low fat dairy, whole grains and water.  And I do eat a lot. 

So today, I will celebrate, just a little.  But not too much. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Keep Those E-mails Coming

Thanks to everyone who has e-mailed me.  Keep them coming.  I enjoy reading and replying to them all.

A few things:

Many of you begin your e-mails with "you must get a million e-mails..."  This is not the case.  I get quite a few e-mails, especially right after my story runs in the national news.  But not millions or even thousands. Keep writing.

I always get an outpouring of e-mails from people once my story runs or they find me on YouTube.  Many of you have told me your personal stories about your struggles with your weight, which I can definitely relate to.

Many of you tell me you're at the end of your rope, that you know you have to take action with your health and your lifestyle.  I always reply giving some tips, some things to try, trying to answer your call to action.

And then I never hear anything from you again.

It is very easy to sit at your computer and type out an e-mail about how you need to do this and do that.  But you have to actually go do it.  Remember: none of this is easy.  The only way to get started is to get started.

So here are some tips:

Exercise 3 times a week.  Short walks. 15 minutes to start.

Pack your lunch and eat it. Every day.

Grocery shop this week.  Eat actual meals at home.  Stop ordering pizzas and going through the drive-thru.

These are things that are going to get you the results you want. Then e-mail me and tell me about it!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Diet Food Will Not Fill You Up

I've been getting a lot of e-mails lately:

"Are cereal bars OK?"

"Can I eat this or that?"

"What about fat-free this, or light that?"

Here's the problem.  All of those may be perfectly fine, but you're barking up the wrong tree.  Read the next sentence and commit it to memory:

You need to eat food that will fill you up.

Starving yourself, eating diet food, eating ridiculously small portions, eating frozen's all a short-term recipe for failure.  Sure, your calories will be restricted and you will lose weight, but you're not going to be able to keep it up.

A better idea is to eat healthy food in abundance.  Eat until you are full, until you don't want anymore.  I call it the 6 food groups:

1.) Fruits. Find fruits you like and eat them all.

2.) Vegetables. Same thing. Find ones you like and eat them.

3.) Lean meats. Baked fish.  Baked chicken breast. Grilled. Pork. Turkey.

4.) Whole grains.  Really heavy, high-fiber wheat bread.  Brown rice.  Oatmeal.

5.) Low fat dairy.  Fat-free milk.  Non fat yogurt, etc.

6.) Water. (yes, on the Ganey plan, water is a food group.) At least a gallon a day.

You are *not* going to be successful, long-term, for the rest of your life, eating tiny portions, energy bars, cereal bars or diet food.

Eat real food! And eat a lot! Stay full!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Like My Facebook Page!

I am re-launching the Bryan Ganey Facebook page. I have added more videos, recipe ideas, food ideas, you name it! I will be posting there regularly as well.

So head on over to my Facebook page and click "Like."  You'll be glad you did!

New Videos: The 'No Sugar' Craze, Starvation Diets and my Bridge Run Video Diary!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Video: The Importance of Keeping a Food Journal

Responding to the Haters

With all of the publicity I have been getting lately (AOL, Huffington Post, MSN, CNN, etc.) it was bound to happen. 

The haters have come out of the woodwork.  But I am prepared for these sad, miserable creatures and I expected it.  As a matter of fact, I'm surprised it took them so long. 

You know the type: the person that hides behind their anonymity and slings mud, the person whose own pathetic life is so miserable, the only way they can build themselves up in their mind is to tear somebody else down. 

That said, there are 2 main points these idiots make that I would like to respond to. 

Even at 285 pounds, you're still fat.

That is correct. I am still overweight. But what your feeble mind fails to realize is that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is all about just that - maintaining. It is more important to maintain the weight I have lost than it is to lose more.  That is the hardest thing for people to grasp: "losing weight" is not the goal.  Losing weight is a side effect of a healthy lifestyle.  Because the odds of gaining it back are so high, the focus must always be on holding the line. 

Besides, I'll lose the rest of the weight in the next year or so.  If a person reads my story and the only conclusion they draw is that I am still fat, then they have missed the point entirely. 

How could somebody let themselves get to almost 600 pounds?

This is my favorite.  Obviously the person writing these comments is perfect in every way, shape or form and has no vices.  They've never been addicted to anything.  If only we were as perfect as they were, we could be just like them. 

So to the people that keep making that point, I say get this through your empty head: you could weigh almost 600 pounds one day too.  Why?  Read on (if you've bothered to learn to read, that is.)

The overweight among us are a creation of American society.  We are a glimpse into the future: we are what the future of the human race will look like if something doesn't change.

Read it again: look at my "before picture." That could be you if you keep eating out of the drive-thru, ordering pizzas, eating out of the vending machines and paying absolutely no attention to what you're putting in your mouth.  The day is coming.  You get older.  You become less active.  Maybe you get a sedentary job.  More calories are being consumed than are being used.  Weight is gained. 

So judge not lest you be judged.  And one more thing: you might be thin, oh dear high and mighty news story commenter, but have you been to the doctor lately?  My *total* cholesterol is 95...what's yours?

Do you smoke?  I don't.  Do you drink alcohol?  I don't. What's your resting heart rate?  Mine's 40.  What's yours?

Could be time for a check-up. You never know. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Welcome readers

Welcome readers, who are here because my blog and story were linked from the Huffington Post. 

Be sure to check out my videos on my YouTube channel.

Also, feel free to e-mail me directly. I love feedback and also to hear your stories as well!

Again, welcome!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Commentary: The "Forks Over Knives" movement

There is a great movie everyone should see called "Forks Over Knives."  Easiest way to see it is on Netflix streaming (through your game console, on your computer, smartphone, etc.)

The central theme of the movie is that animal products (meat, dairy and so forth) are the causes of many of the diseases and health-related problems in the world.  The movie rather convincingly makes the argument that a vegan diet is much more healthy than anything else. 

They're absolutely right.  If you want to live as long as possible and be as healthy as possible, a vegan diet will do the trick. 

But I also think there is a middle ground. 

In my case, I gave up red meat 2 years ago and only eat lean meats: fish, pork, turkey and chicken breast. I only eat nonfat dairy products.  At last check, my total cholesterol was 95. 

I think I'm going to be OK.

My point is this.  If a person who lives on fast food, junk food and a very high-fat diet watches "Forks Over Knives," they would probably say "I could never do that."  It's an extreme step for a lot of people.

I think the message should be you should eat as much like they do in "Forks Over Knives" as you can.  Most people are never going to be vegans.  To those that are, I say congratulations!

To those that aren't, you're not a bad or unhealthy person if you do what I've done. 

But I highly, highly recommend everybody watch "Forks Over Knives." Very good documentary and very well done. 

Bryan Ganey on the Huffington Post

I was approached by the Huffington Post to record a video for their "The Moment I Knew" series.  In my case, it was "The moment I knew I had to lose weight."

Here is a link to the story and video.  Check it out!